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    State-of-the-art digital textile printing

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    Eye catching visuals for trade show booths!

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    Visual solutions for events!

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    Visual branding with impact

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    Print solutions for interiors


Transfer dye sublimation printing results have vivid colors, a wide color gamut, are washable and soft to handle

We provide finished textile prints for e.g. wall and ceiling systems, for SEG frames and light boxes, for trade show booths and display systems. Our partners include stand- and display systems manufacturers and distributors, stand builders, interior decoration and sign companies, amongst others.

Brilliant high resolution textile for light boxes.

Soft, crease-free, high stretch fabric. Ideal for frame systems.

Soft and wrinkle-free, large range of applications.

Lightweight, for vibrant transparent images.

Satin design with high elegant appearance.

Print through fabric with optimal colour sharpness.

Your message on carpet will be extremely visible.

Blockout fabric with matt finish, no curling edges.

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